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Automated applications

DendrisKIT OA

DendrisCHIP OA allows the detection of 22 bacteria and resistance to the MecA gene, responsible for deep bone & joint infections. 

CE IVD marking in May 2022

A bone and joint infection (BJI) is an infection caused by bacteria, much more rarely by fungi, which affects a bone, a joint or a joint prosthesis. These are serious pathologies that can lead to a very serious handicap and sometimes to a life-threatening situation.

Bone and joint infection requires a broad-spectrum probabilistic antibiotic therapy because of the multitude of bacteria that may be involved in the pathology. The earlier the treatment is given, the lighter it will be and the less complex the infection will be. Diagnosis should be made as early as possible. The future of bacteriological management of BJIs will involve the implementation of technologies that allow for the rapid identification of the bacteria responsible and the screening for antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

Dendris molecular biology kit, based on DNA microarray technology, provides results in approximately 5 hours, covering the 22 bacteria most responsible for deep and osteoarticular infections as well as resistance to the MecA gene.
The kit includes :
– all reagents and consumables for 16S/specific genes multiplex complex PCR and hybridization

DendrisKIT DP

DendrisCHIP DP is dedicated to the identification of 12 fungi involved in dermatophytosis.

CE IVD marking in May 2022

Dermatophytoses are mycotic infections of the skin and nails caused by filamentous microscopic fungi belonging to the genera Candida, Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton. These infections are very common in the population (about 22% in European countries). Mycological diagnosis by conventional culture takes several weeks, unlike the molecular biology test proposed by Dendris, which can detect all the pathogens responsible for dermatophytosis in a single analysis while providing a rapid result. The medical service rendered of our solution considerably reduces the time of detection and identification (24 hours compared to 3-4 weeks) and its sensitivity is 30% higher than the culture.

Dendris with its molecular biology kit, based on DNA microarray technology, offers results in about 5 hours to cover the 12 fungi most responsible for dermatophytosis.
The kit includes :
– all  reagents and consumables needed for sample pre-treatment, 18S/ITS combined PCR and hybridization

Strengths of our automated applications

Manual applications

DendrisKIT RD

DendrisKIT RD is dedicated to the identification of 10 bacteria commonly involved in respiratory infections.

Application tested on pilot site
CE IVD marking in 2019 to 2021 for version 1.0 – manual 

CE mark in development for version 2.0 automated

Respiratory tract infections are the leading cause of outpatient antibiotic prescription, which can represent 27 to 75% of their use depending on the country¹. It is possible to limit them by using a molecular diagnostic technique to quickly detect a panel of several responsible bacteria and to better understand the pathogenesis of some infections. The DendrisKIT RD panel makes it possible to identify the presence of the 10 bacteria responsible for respiratory infections in a single test.

¹ CC Butler K Hood T Verheij Variation in antibiotic prescribing and its impact on recovery in patients with acute cough in primary care : Prospective study in 13 countries. BMJ 2009
(338) [Medline]