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Dendrimers are “perfectly defined arborescent macromolecules whose structure starts from a central core and goes via branching units to peripheral functions”.


A lot of molecules can be used to act as branching units, making it possible to build as many different dendrimers as there are applications.Phosphorus dendrimers were first used in biochips in 1999. Since then, many systems have been developed to improve results quality and biochips sensitivity.

In Dendris, phosphorus dendrimers are used as spacers between the surface and the oligonucleotide probes. However, the presence of phosphorus atoms at each branching point offers the possibility to perform a large number of reactions and thus to prepare a large variety of macromolecules whose structure is perfectly controlled.

These compounds are used in many fields: catalysis, electronics, nanomaterials, biology (anti-HIV activity, Alzheimer’s, oncology, imaging, etc.).